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The Story So Far

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Mission Statement

The Sensory Zone will provide unique and easily accessible facilities to promote the learning and development of all children through enhancement of the primary senses and provision of knowledge and support to their families.


The Sensory Zone exists to offer free charitable support and help to families of all children, including those with specific individual needs, eg disability, social and/or financial.

It will be open to anyone seeking appropriate help, advice or just a cup of coffee and a friendly ear.

It will provide:

  • A Sensory Room.  Available to small groups or individual access.
  • A Meeting Room.  Available to small groups or individual access (eg meetings with healthcare professionals), small group workshops, training opportunities and coffee mornings for advice and discussion.
  • A Resource Library.  Offering temporary access and use of The Sensory Zone resources.

How it started

  • In our local area there is no facility that can offer the benefits of sensory stimulation and resources, at no cost, to all families of children regardless of their individual needs.  At Mary P’s we identified this gap and proposed a solution that makes use of our existing nursery.
  • We re-designed our old storage area and developed a plan to generate a sensory room with  associated facilities where children can learn and develop through the mediums of all five senses.
  • The area is enhanced through provision of a dedicated meeting room and a resource library, all of which will be free to use under the umbrella of a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

With a little help from our friends

We are fortunate to enjoy the support of a wide range of local tradesmen and friends of Mary P’s who have volunteered their time and skills to help us develop The Sensory Zone facility.

Work has progressed quickly.  The facility has a fully functioning sensory room to cater for the needs of individual or small groups of children.  Adjacent to this is a meeting room to support sensory sessions.  This area offers clear potential for broader community use and our vision is to make all of this available at no cost to responsible users who currently have no access to such a facility.

Where are we today

The infrastructure is in place and ready to use.

The sensory room has basic equipment, however we now need a funding stream to develop its capability and enhance the supporting resources.

We have established a board of trustees whose purpose is to manage development of The Sensory Zone.  We have applied to the Charity Commission to register as a CIO and once approved will be able to open our doors for public use.

Our official ‘opening day’ is Saturday 17th June where we plan to engage with the community through local media to promote and advertise our purpose.

Aspirations and hopes

  • We will establish a plan of fundraising events to generate income for The Sensory Zone.
  • We hope to gain additional support and sponsorship from local businesses and organisations that share our vision and would like to help us maximise the true potential of this unique and exciting facility.
  • It will fill a gap in local area resources by offering a unique child development capability and a space where small groups can meet for a range of activities that do not have to be directly related to the primary purpose of sensory stimulation.
  • It will be offered free of charge to its users, operating on a trust basis where users will benefit from the facility and its resources through through a code of respect, responsibility and ownership.